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Sacramento County Recognizes FOVEC for Volunteer involvment

Volunteer Recognition Awards – April 8, 2014





  • Good Morning Members of the Board



  • Great pleasure that Community Development recognizes the Fair Oaks Village Enhancement Committee– otherwise known as FOVEC- for their outstanding contributions and dedication to improving and enhancing the commercial district in Fair Oaks Village.



  • The committee is focused on encouraging public and private investment in the Village and increasing its vibrancy while maintaining the charm and identity



  • Founded in 2008 , FOVEC has several accomplishments to date, including, creating a Vision document



  • Design and installation of Way-finding sings in the Village,



  • A landscaping project at a key intersection known as the Triangle



  • Creation of bike lanes, and



  • The Fair Oaks Blvd. Streetscape project completed in early 2013.



  • FOVEC is currently working on acquiring funding for a Marketing Study and an Archway entrance to the Village.



The committee wishes to acknowledge Susan Peters for her continued support as well as the County Department of Transportation.



The dedicated volunteers we are recognizing today include:


  • Greg Vincent, Chair
  • Paula Sugarman, past Chair
  • Barry Brown
  • Becky Lund
  • David Hill
  • Charles Miller
  • Daneece Fraiser
  • Nan Danford
  • Bill Schlack
  • Renee Taylor
  • Tom Zlotkowski
  • Keith Walter
  • Tyler Janes