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Join us in the Fair Oaks Village
Anyone who lives in or passes through Fair Oaks Village understands there is something very special here. There is an eclectic charm, a historical flavor and most important, a town full of friendly people who know and care about each other. Its very existence defines all of Fair Oaks as a community, not just another suburb. But Fair Oaks Village needs some TLC. It has tremendous potential to be a greater hub of business and community activity.

FOVEC is looking for new members to help us realize our vision for the Village. There are a number of ways to participate in our activities and we hope that you will take the time to review this brochure to find out just how you might get involved. Whether your ambition is to become a voting member or just in helping with a specific activity, we encourage you to get involved.

We invite you to join FOVEC and help to make Fair Oaks Village a destination and pathway to an even better, richer community.

Join us in the Fair Oaks Village
This is a picture of FOVEC members at the 2012 Fair Oaks Blvd. Streetscape groundbreaking. Please join us





FOVEC Officers, Voting Members, Associate members & Community Representatives

Officers and Voting Committee

Greg Vincent – Chairman

Barry Brown – Vice Chairman

Becky Lund- Secretary

Daneece Fraizer- Treasurer

David Hill

Nan Danford

Dana Woodworker-Negri

Melinda Krug

Michael Adams


Associate Members

Charles Miller

Paula Sugarman

Tino Cuevas

Bill Schlack

Keith Walter

Phyllis Williams

Tom Zlotkowski

Renee Taylor

Jeff Damon

Community Representatives

Tim Hawkins – Sacramento County

Ralph Carhart – Fair Oaks Park and Recreation District