Current visions for different pieces of the Fair Oaks Village come from several sources. These include the Fair Oaks Theatre Company and Fair Oaks Recreation and Parks.

Click for the new Theatre Building vision of these two in Plaza Park.

FOVEC started in 2007 to develop an ongoing vision for the Fair Oaks Village. Below is the original document and short history.

On August 28, 2008, the Fair Oaks Village Enhancement Committee unveiled the Vision at the Fair Oaks Concert in the Park. With the help and participation of Fair Oaks residents, property owners, and business owners, the committee and the consultants have created a 40-page Vision that provides ideas for improvements throughout the Fair Oaks Village and addresses concerns that were stated at the previous community meeting and workshop. These improvements should enable Fair Oaks Village to increase its viability as a thriving business district. For your convenience, we have provided you with a copy of the Vision and Vision Brochure in this website.

You can read the vision document below – it reads easiest when expanded to fill your screen.

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To download the Vision, please click here.

If you like a copy of the Vision Brochure, please click here.