FOVEC Projects

Current FOVEC Projects

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Fair Oaks Community Arch image Fair Oaks Gateway Arch

Currently developing design and cost information and offering river rocks at the base as a fundraiser.


Fair Oaks Village Economic Opportunity Study image

Village Economic Opportunity Study

Currently fundraising. Approximately half of the $11,000 funds have been raised.




FOVEC Projects Completed


Sacramento County Recognizes FOVEC for Volunteer involvmentApril 2014

Sacramento County Board of Supervisors recognizes FOVEC  for the volunteer work leading to improvements in the quality of life in the Fair Oaks Village.



Completed 2013

Started 2012

Added parking, curbs and gutters, handicapped access, paving & landscape details and adjusted traffic flow to improve Fair Oaks Blvd. primarily in the village.



Identified and helped bring a seasonal farmers market to the Plaza Park in the heart of the village.




Identified bike routes through the Village including getting signage to bring more cyclists to the Village.




“Triangle” landscaping to enhance the  appeal of the village including maintenance




Installed 13 “Way Finding” signs in and around the Village to guide, direct and  identify for people.



Parking Study2009

Completed a parking and circulation study of the Village with alternatives for both big and small steps to enhance the Village.





Fair Oaks Village Enhancement Vision was completed to establish a basis to guide enhancements for the village.




Details listed below.

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1. Fair Oaks Enhancement Vision2008 3. Way-Finding Signs2009 5. Fair Oaks Triangle Landscaping2010
6. Fair Oaks Village Bike Lanes2011
11. Fair Oaks Farmers Market2012 12. Fair Oaks Blvd. Street Scape2013
13. Fair Oaks Village Economic Study – Active ProjectFair Oaks Village Economic Opportunity Study image 14. Fair Oaks Community Gateway Arch – Active ProjectFair Oaks Community Arch image 15.


In its short history, FOVEC has taken several steps toward enhancing Fair Oaks including:

1. Developed the Fair Oaks Enhancement Vision.

2. Completed the Circulation and Parking Study of the Village.

3. Applied for and received a $130,000 grant for designing improvements on Fair Oaks Boulevard.

4. Installed 13 way-finding signs throughout the village.

5. Designed and implemented the landscape plan for the traffic triangle at Winding Way and Fair Oaks Blvd.

6. Obtained Sacramento County approval for bike lanes through the village to attract more cyclists into Fair Oaks.

7. Identified FOVECs area of interest.

8. Developed the Strategic Plan for implementing the Enhancement Vision.

9. Developed and currently implementing the plan to transition to a 501(c) 3 organization.

10. Developed Transitional Operating Guidelines.

11. Helped attract the Wednesday Evening Farmers Market.

12. Worked closely with Sacramento County to bring about the 2012 Fair Oaks Blvd. street scape enhancement project.

13. Fair Oaks Village Economic Impact Study – Active

14. Fair Oaks Community Gateway Arch Project – Active